Qi Acupoint System refill 5 pack

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These magnetic spheres can be used for our Qi Acupoint Facial System or can be used for body point stimulation to boost the immune system, help with sleep or a multitude of other reasons.  The stimulating spheres can be worn anytime during the day and even overnight.  They should be worn for 4 to 8 hours for optimum stimulation on the facial points and can be worn much longer for any body points

The spheres simply peel off the backing and can easily be placed on any acupuncture point to offer gentle stimulation on the point to activate its healing benefits. Acupuncture points are amazing for improving overall health and wellness, when directly stimulated with gentle pressure from the magnetic spheres (or needles in an acupuncture treatment), as well as offering fabulous cosmetic benefits. Magnets have been shown to increase blood flow and improve circulation. 

Check out our videos about using the magnetic spheres with the Qi Acupoint Facial System, or other videos to improve sleep, calm anxiety, reduce stress and boost the immune system.  We are constantly adding new protocols using acupressure (on acupuncture points) to improve health and wellness so stay tuned!    

The Qi Acupoint Facial System combines acupressure stimulation with magnetic stimulation for a powerful at-home system that helps to encourage Qi flow, improve circulation, enhance complexion, move stagnation and support underlying organ systems.  The goal with this system is to increase blood flow, invigorate dull skin, brighten the complexion, enhance the Qi of the face and skin, improve skin texture and tone, and help soften fine lines and wrinkles.  This system works below the skin's surface, allowing for a deeper treatment than products alone can offer.  By utilizing the benefits of magnetic fields on acupuncture points, we can support the underlying tissues to support and reveal a fresh, healthy and energized appearance.  Click here for more info on that system.

If using the spheres for the Qi Acupoint Facial System, the 5 pack will supply enough spheres for 20 at home treatments.

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