About Us

Qi  (CHÄ“)


the circulating life force in all living things


Qi Botanics was created with a clear mindset and mission to create superior organic botanical products that nourish the body inside and out. We rigorously source our botanicals to ensure we are using the cleanest, most vitality rich, all-natural ingredients in our custom formulations. We work with small controlled batches to ensure the integrity and consistency of our product, time after time.  

We strive to produce amazing products for you to use on your most precious possession…you.


photo of DeBritt Ealey

A note from the Founder:

I want to introduce myself, so you have a better idea of who is formulating and making the products you are using and hopefully loving!  

My name is DeBritt Ealey and I am currently in private practice as an acupuncturist and herbalist in Northern Virginia. ( ) 

I am so grateful to be able to help people improve their health naturally and support wellness every day with holistic therapies. I have been treating patients for the past 20 years but have been working with herbs for over 30 years… they are a HUGE passion of mine. I love working with herbs as they contain a wealth of health promoting components that can enhance any product in which they are used, both internally and topically. I do a LOT of facial rejuvenation treatments in my practice (cosmetic acupuncture, facial gua sha, microneedling, facial cupping, LED light therapy) that help to improve the skin’s health and to add a youthful glow to the complexion. 

I started making my own products for myself ages ago, but then saw the need to further  support my patients who also had super sensitive skin. Many of them also had sensitivities  to some of the ingredients used in today's beauty products. I think we all know that there are some really questionable ingredients being used, but that is another topic. So, I started my own organic facial line about 5 years ago, which has evolved into Qi Botanics. I wanted to have 100% control of what goes into each and every product that I make and to be assured that only the most botanically active and clean ingredients were used.  I have seen first hand what all natural and clean products can do for the body and the skin, on myself and my patients over the years. I not only make the products, but I use them daily on myself and my patients with excellent results.  These products were developed for sensitive and mature skin, just like mine.  As a 51 year old woman, my skin has very specific needs, as all women my age can appreciate.  More mature skin needs specific all-natural support to keep the skin looking it's best, which people can get with Qi Botanics. 

I have made it my life’s work to help people achieve health and balance, naturally, so they can live a healthier and happier life. I am hoping to share some of this knowledge to help others, who can’t get to me in Virginia, improve their skin along with enhancing their overall health and wellness. 

I personally research, formulate and sample every product until it meets my strict requirements and is just right. This takes time as I am extremely meticulous about what I put into and on my body and my patient’s bodies, so it must be super clean. I love being able to formulate with botanics, extracts, hydrosols, and oils and make sure they are perfectly balanced in everything we make. Being in my lab is certainly one of my happy places. 

The goal when I started this journey was to make organic herbal products that simply work great and don't require a ton of time as people are busy, they don't want 40 steps for their daily beauty routine. But, they do need products that will work for their skin so they can get their glow back.  I think we have done that. I am so excited to be sharing these products with you as I am very proud of them. 

I am excited to also share some cross over TCM therapies from my practice that people can do at home to improve their skin, soften fine lines, reduce puffiness and reap some major health benefits, like facial gua sha, facial cupping, facial exercises, dry brushing and acupressure kits.  I am seeing more and more people online teaching facial gua sha and facial cupping concepts, and there are some really great people out there for sure, but many of them are focused on younger skin.  I want to focus and share these therapies with women who have more mature skin, like me, as we are under represented (again), and as you already know, mature skin is quite different from young skin.  Our skin can greatly benefit by just adding a few extra minutes into our daily routine with these simple tools.  The bottom line though, is that all of these therapies are absolutely fabulous when done properly and I cant wait for you to see the difference they can make! 

If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I am here to help you! 

I hope you enjoy the products! 

With love,