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Ear Acupressure Kits - Stress & Anxiety

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Did you know that the entire body is represented on the ear?  It is true! 

There is an entire field of acupuncture related to just the ear.  It's called Auricular Therapy and it is fascinating! So, stimulating a specific point on the ear, will influence the corresponding part of the body.  This is a great way to easily and painlessly offer organ system support plus have a calming effect within the body. 

Ear pellets are easy to apply, and each application will stay on for about 7 days, depending on the ear. Each kit comes with 40 gold plated or stainless steel ear pellets. They will give you about 5 applications (of 4 points on each ear), so should last you about 5 weeks.  

Each kit includes an ear picture card with the suggested stress reducing points to use, bonus points and their locations, instructions on how to apply, plus 40 ear balls for application.

We all need some stress relief right now!!! Stimulating ear points is an easy and painless way to achieve more calm in your life.  

The ear "pellets" are super small balls that are applied with an adhesive. And, it's so easy ... just peel, place and go...  

Our ear acupressure kits are also latex free!



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