Facial Cleansing Brush

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This is the softest facial brush you will ever find!

We LOVE it and know you will too!

This facial brush is not for exfoliation purposes, like most facial brushes, it is for cleansing the face... and it is amazing.

It is made from sustainable pine and has over 60,000 individual (super soft) fibers on the brush.  It is unbelievably soft and will give you a gentle everyday facial cleanse.

This brush works great with our facial soaps. 


Simply wet the fibers on the brush (put under the tap) and apply to the top of the soap in circular motions to create a lather on the brush and then use it to wash your face.  Add more water for less lather and less water for a thicker lather, it is up to you.  Rinse your face when your done with the cleanse.

When finished, run the brush under water to remove the soap and gently squeeze the fibers between your thumb and index finger to remove any excess water.  Then just hang to dry.

This cleansing brush is gentle enough to be used daily. 

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