Why we love using botanics in our Qi Botanics products

Why we love using botanics in our Qi Botanics products

Published by DeBritt Ealey on Mar 20th 2020

Why do we love herbs?  Let me count the ways ... herbs and plants are simply amazing! 

I have been lucky to have had the privilege to work with herbs professionally for over 25 years and yet, they still amaze me every day. I can’t image getting the health results I get for my patients without them, and my patients love them too!! They can be taken internally and used topically for a huge variety of symptoms. Need help boosting the immune system, dealing with stress, skin issues, respiratory issues, digestion problems, gyno issues? Yep… there is an herbal formula that will help! We use herbs in all our products as they are super safe, offer fabulous results, and are organic and all natural, plus we don’t have to use any unwanted chemicals that are found in many other products.

Did you know that plants are a fantastic source of vitamins, minerals, terpenoids, phytonutrients, phenolic compounds, and contain valuable bio actives that offer antioxidant, anti-inflammatory antimutagenic, anti-carcinogenic, antibacterial, or antiviral activities? Pretty great huh?

People have been using plants for over 60,000 years, as seen in the fossil records. They have been used for medicine, flavors, foods, insect deterrents, ornamentals, fumigants, spices, and cosmetics. More than 50% of all pharmaceuticals are derived from a plant-based ingredient. The World Health Organization estimates that over 80% of the people in developing countries rely on traditional remedies such as herbs for their daily needs. This means that about 3.5 billion people rely on plant resources for their “drugs”. Wow… I find that to be so interesting, especially that it is still happening in our modern world, because they work! Herbs are not new; they are the original medicine. I am thrilled that there is a renewed interest in natural health with more people looking to plants and herbs to improve their health and daily needs.

Being an acupuncturist and herbalist, (a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) background), I see herbs as a normal everyday solution that can be used for just about anything! Cooking, beauty, health, etc. In TCM, the vast knowledge of plant-based medicine has been passed down from generation to generation. Luckily this has been done for thousands of years so the knowledge wasn’t lost. Even today herbs constitute about 30% to 50% of the total drug therapy for a fifth of the world’s population!

So, for us at Qi Botanics, it is a no-brainer to add herbs to ALL of our products. We have been working with herbs in our products for years and they really do make a HUGE difference in the results of the products. We want the healing benefits that herbs can offer and we want to share them with our customers, so they can not only get fabulous results with our products, they can experience how amazing herbs can be when used regularly.

We also add herbs to our face and body care products, since herbs are absolutely wonderful for the skin! They offer anti-inflammatory, nutrient dense and skin nourishing benefits that the skin loves. They can help to support collagen and soften fine lines and wrinkles as well. It is all about trying to get the healthiest skin possible, inside and out, and herbs can help with that.

I guess the real question is … why wouldn’t you use herbs?

If you are new to botanics, please get more acquainted with them. If you have a good knowledge of them already, there is always more to learn. I learn something new about them every single day!

Herbs for health!  Stay healthy out there. 

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