What makes Qi Botanics natural facial products different?

What makes Qi Botanics natural facial products different?

Published by DeBritt Ealey on May 12th 2020

The Qi Botanics facial products work together as a 4- step protocol, designed to be used together. Each of our products are formulated to support and achieve a specific function for healthy and happy skin ... keeping it  balanced and nourished.

We understand that people are super busy, and they want (and need) an all-natural facial routine that is fast and easy to use, but it also needs to work great for the skin. Thus, our 4-step protocol was born! You do not need a ton of steps in a facial routine for great skin, you just need steps that work great.

Our products are unique since they were developed by an acupuncturist and herbalist who has been in private practice for over 20 years, working closely with skin conditions and aging issues.  That's me, and  I have been working with skin symptoms, allergies, and performing cosmetic treatments for decades so have a ton of experience with skin - what works and what doesn’t to improve the skin’s health, tone and texture. Using this knowledge, I developed the Qi Botanics products, which are nutrient dense and ONLY include natural, herbal and organic ingredients. Our goal at Qi Botanics is to offer the cleanest products available to nourish and feed the skin, naturally. There are NO synthetic ingredients used, ever! Each product has been developed with the health of the skin being the driving force. Beautiful and healthy skin makes everyone look and feel amazing at any age!

I want to share a quick rundown on the Qi Botanics facial products. I will be doing blogs on each product individually soon and will go into more detail on each of them then, so you can get a better understanding of what we use and why. I think it is extremely important to know exactly what you are putting on your skin, it is after all the largest organ in the body.

1. Renew Cleansing Powder

This is a great cleanser because it can be used as a cleanser, exfoliant or a mask. This is a super versatile product. If you have not used a cleansing powder before, they are wonderful!

How you use it is up to you and what you need on any given day. Need a quick wash? Use more water. Skin a bit dry today and need to exfoliate a bit more? Use less water. Need a skin pick me up or a skin detox? Try it as a mask. It is very versatile. It was designed to gently exfoliate, nourish and moisturize while decreasing inflammation and improving the complexion.

2. Restore Balancing Serum

This is an amazing serum, that is chalked full of ferments, Hyaluronic Acid and botanical extracts. This step is used to balance the microbiota of the skin, which is vital to skin health. It also supports the overall health of the skin while supporting collagen growth and deep hydration. It goes dries to be silky soft on the skin.

3. Refresh Hydrating Mist

This is a delightful alternative to a normal toner. We are not fans of traditional toners as they are alcohol based, which is not good for the skin. This is an organic hydrosol with 72 trace minerals to help support, balance, awaken and nourish the skin. It also has the purpose of prepping the skin for the final step in the protocol. We have 2 delicious options, cucumber or holy basil, both are amazing for decreasing inflammation and calming the skin.

4. Nourish Nutrient Oil

This is an unbeatable organic facial oil. Facial oils are a great way to moisturize the face and a lovely clean alternative to a moisturizing cream. This facial oil is packed with nutrient dense organic oils, botanical extracts, and pearl powder for deep penetration and nourishment for the skin along with moisturizing effects and skin- loving benefits your skin needs to ensure a healthy glow.

(NOTE: ANY facial oil must go on the skin AFTER the face has been moistened.)

That’s it, it’s just so easy! It may seem like a simple protocol, and it is, but it is powerful. Clean, herbal and organic ingredients make all the difference for healthy and happy skin … which is the key to true beauty. If you give the skin what it needs, it will look fabulous. When the skin is healthy, there is no need to cover it up with makeup, it just glows! Get your glow on with all-natural and nutrient dense facial products … see the difference nature can make.