LOVE your skin's Microbiome!

LOVE your skin's Microbiome!

Published by DeBritt Ealey on Apr 2nd 2021

Love your skin’s Microbiome!!  

If you are not familiar with the skin’s microbiome and why it is SO important, here is some great info just for you.

People are always talking about the many benefits of supporting a healthy gut microbiome (gut health is essential for health and the gut microbiome runs tons of functions in the body!) and just like our gut, the skin is also home to a community of billions of friendly living microorganisms, this community is called the skin microbiome … and it is amazing!! Think of it as an invisible eco-system that lives on the skin and works to keep your skin healthy and in tip top condition.

This community is made up of hundreds of types of bacteria (along with some fungi, viruses, and mites), all riding around on your skin every day. This community is unbelievably important for the health of your largest organ … the skin.

A healthy skin microbiome, which prefers the acidic environment of your skin, helps your immune system thrive but also helps the skin by overcrowding pathogenic overgrowth so no bad pathogens can take hold on your skin. Your skin’s immune system and microbiome communicate and respond to one another’s needs, which is pretty cool.

But this microbiome can become harmed or out of balance, and when that happens you will start to see problems on the skin. Things that can inhibit a healthy skin microbiome are commercial soaps and detergents or heavily fragranced body washes, overuse of topical steroids or antibiotics, harsh skin care products, chemicals found in personal care products, over washing or exfoliating the skin, and even environmental factors can all contribute to microbiome imbalances on the skin.

Unfortunately, the skin’s microbiome diversity is about half as diverse as it once was. This lack of diversity can lead to dryness, overproduction of sebum, breakouts, redness, rashes, infections, premature aging, and other skin symptoms. Therefore, keeping the proper balance of the skin’s microbiota, and maintaining proper pH of the skin (so they have a good home), can help to protect your skin along with it’s wonderful microbiome.


We love our Restore Balancing Serum for supporting a healthy skin microbiome. The Restore Serum is chocked full of a variety of ferments for their probiotic benefits along with prebiotics. Just like when we eat fermented foods so we can benefit from the probiotic benefits, it is the same for the skin when used topically. Prebiotics are the food for probiotics so we can ensure they stay healthy and happy, making this combo wonderful for the health of your skin’s microbiome. We also include hyaluronic acid and herbal extracts to the serum to offer further support to the skin.

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