Immune Boost - ES Instructions

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Preparation Instructions:

The ratio: 2 tsp or 1 tbsp herbs for every 8 to 10 oz of water. 

(This allows you to make as little or as much as you need, depending on how many people will be drinking the tea.)

The recipe below is for 2 cups of tea, one day’s worth for one person, to use as an example.

1.    Put the desired amount of water and herbs into a pot. (for a result of 2 cups of finished tea, you will want to add 4 tsp or 2 tbsp of the herbs with 2 cups of water.  If this is your first decoction with bitter herbs, go with the lower amount, it will taste better.)

2.    Bring it all to a boil together.

3.    Simmer (with lid) for 25 minutes.

4.    Pour the cooked liquid through a strainer and keep the liquid in a container on the counter, measuring cups work great.

5.    Keep the cooked herbs in the pot.  Add the same amount of water previously use (or a little less) back into the pot  (for our example, add another 2 cups)

6.    Bring to a boil again.

7.    Simmer (with lid) for 25 minutes.

8.    Pour the cooked liquid, through the strainer again.  It should go into the container with the liquid from the first boil.

9.    The liquid should now be combined from both boils into a single container.  This is your tea. 

10. Make sure you have the same liquid at the end, that you started out with originally.  If not, add additional water to get to your starting amount.  (you lose liquid during the cooking process, this is normal) For our example, you should have 2 cups of the cooked tea.

11. Have one cup of liquid – 2 times a day.

You can make enough for 2 days at a time, just keep the extra liquid in the fridge.

This tea tastes best when warm.

Enjoy the tea for 7 days and then take a few days break, then repeat another 7 days as needed.