Body Brush FAQ's

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Why use a body brush?

Body brushes are used for dry brushing. Dry brushing is an easy way to boost the immune system, stimulate lymphatic flow, improve circulation, decrease cellulite and gently exfoliate the skin.   Dry brushing can be done at any time on dry skin, but right before a shower is best.   It only takes a few minutes and works wonders on the skin.

When the skin is exfoliated, any oil or moisturizer that is applied will be more easily absorbed.  This means better results with less product.

How is Dry Brushing done?

The key is to always brush towards the heart, this is very important.  With long, fluid and gentle, but firm strokes, begin at your toes and work your way up the legs, then from your fingers up your arm, then brush your stomach in circular strokes towards the inguinal area, where your legs meet your torso. For your back, just do the best you can with circular strokes, reaching what you can.  Then just hop in the shower and rinse off all the dead skin, super easy.  Follow with your favorite body oil right out of the shower, while the skin is still slightly wet.   For more info see our blog on body brushing.