Top 5 things to look for in a CBD product | Qi Botanics

Top 5 things to look for in a CBD product | Qi Botanics

Published by DeBritt Ealey on Apr 20th 2020

Hemp Extract CBD is everywhere now a days, it’s hard to know which one to choose. People need to be their own advocate and embrace being an informed consumer by reading labels and researching the companies they are choosing. Pay extra close attention to the quality of the ingredients, they really do make all of the difference…

1. There are different types of hemp extract – go for broad spectrum.

Hemp Extract can be made from the whole plant, called broad spectrum or full spectrum or it can be made from an isolated part of the plant, called an isolate. When the whole plant is used, you can benefit from all the other components naturally found in the plant like the other 115+ cannabinoids (minus THC), terpenes, flavonoids, and phytonutrients. These components work synergistically together and is called the “the entourage effect”. If taking an isolate of CBD, the collective benefits of the plant are missed. Plus, people will need to take more of an isolate compared to a broad-spectrum product. A whole plant source is a better option as the sum of the parts are always a superior choice to a single isolated component. Therefore, a broad-spectrum option is preferred. Whole plant medicine is preferred by herbalists or anyone working closely with plants, as the whole plant can offer better results.

2. ONLY purchase organically grown hemp products.

The hemp plant is a bio-accumulator/phyto-remediator, which means it will suck up toxins and heavy metals from the soil it is grown in. This can be a great asset for the planet when we need to use it to clean the soil it's planted in or from a spill/leak but don’t plan on using the plant for anything else. It becomes an issue if you want to use the plant for anything after its grown, especially ingesting it in any way. Because of this aspect of the hemp plant it is extremely important to ensure that the plant is grown in clean soil and with organic growing practices.

3. Make sure the tincture product hits the basics, at least...

Consumers please do your homework on whatever product line you decide to use. There is so much misinformation out there regarding hemp extract products and it can be really confusing for most people. It is very important to make sure you are getting the right information and choosing the right products for your specific needs. Please be aware that NOT all CBD is created equal, so caution should be taken when choosing any hemp extract product. There are many claims being made with high levels of CBD extract, when in reality, there is half that amount or even a quarter of the amount in the actual product. This is really unfortunate, so you need to check it. PLEASE make sure your products are 3rd party tested with the COA (Certificate of Analysis) available to view online, that they are produced in a cGMP approved facility, and that they use hemp grown with organic growing practices.

4. There is a difference between hemp oil and hemp extract, beware!

There are many companies selling hemp oil at hemp extract prices, so beware. Hemp Oil is made by pressing the hemp seed. Hemp oil is a wonderful source of healthy fats like omega 3. It can be great for the skin, brain and general health as Omega’s are important to overall health and should be consumed regularly. However, Hemp Oil doesn’t contain any cannabinoids, so cannot offer the same benefits as Hemp Extract.

Hemp Extract is extracted from the aerial parts of the hemp plant - the leaves and flowers. The cannabinoids are found in the Hemp Extract, including CBD, along with terpenes, flavonoids and other phytonutrients. It is this cannabinoid rich hemp extract that should be used in any products labeled with Cannabinoids or CBD.

5. Know what else is in the tincture.

You don’t want any extra additives or artificial ingredients in the products, so make sure to read your labels thoroughly. You are looking for a clean all-natural product, period. Also look at any extra stuff that is added to a product. There are some amazing herbs and plant-based extracts that can be a wonderful addition to a Hemp based product. Herbs can be a great way to enhance the properties of a tincture. Herbal extracts have been used safely for thousands of years and continue to be successfully used today. We use practitioner grade herbal extracts in all our tinctures, for added benefit and support to the overall formula.

A well-rounded botanical formula will enhance the benefits of any product and achieve better results for you. The added addition of herbs to the already amazing cannabinoids results in a truly superior product.

We also add organic food oils to our tinctures, so they taste great. We have discovered that if people don’t like how something tastes, they will NOT take it. Many of the hemp extract products on the market don’t taste great. Qi Botanics want the experience of taking a tincture to be a good one, so we use organic food oils in our tinctures, so they are tasty, in addition to working great.

Hopefully this quick guide will help you be a more informed consumer and pick out the highest quality CBD product. This is your health … don’t mess around.

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