We worry about the ingredients in our products, so you don't have to.

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We are excited to share our super clean organic face and body care products with you.  They are loaded with botanical extracts, herbs, oils, hydrosols, ferments and cannabinoids to increase the therapeutic benefit of each product. There are many ways to incorporate herbs and botanics into products - the ideas are literally endless.  We are constantly working to ensure that the best ingredients make it into our products and are continuously improving our formulas so we can get them to produce the best results for you!  We are always working on new products, so make sure to stay tuned and keep an eye out for new products! Qi Botanics is unique, since it offers a wide range of herbal health and wellness products, so there is something for everyone.  We want to support and keep people happy and healthy with products that help reduce stress, find people’s calm and make people feel great about themselves.

CBD Products
Our CBD Tinctures are custom formulated using organically grown hemp, practitioner grade herbal extracts and terpenes, all to ensure you get the very best results.  A simple dose under the tongue and you are ready to go!

Facial Products
Our organic and herbal facial products work wonders for the skin!  They naturally clean, exfoliate, detox, balance the microbiome of the skin, deeply hydrate, nourish, and feed the skin for a luxurious experience and an ‘oh so fabulous glow’!

Body Products
Give your skin some lovin’, after all it is the largest organ in the body!  Dry brushing before a shower can stimulate immune function and remove dead skin cells while our luxurious herbal infused body oil can deeply nourish the skin post shower.  Your skin will thank you

Acupressure Kits
Stimulating various acupuncture points with pressure, on the face and body, can work wonders for improving mood, health and appearance. Feeling stressed out or anxious? Wanting to soften fine lines and wrinkles?  Our acupressure kits have you covered!

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